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please understand...

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At the Perry County Fair, we do our best to provide a fun, FREE experience with a minimum of fuss and confusion.  However, the space we use, the Perry County Park, IS still a public space.  This means that we leave it open to the public as much as possible around the fair's hours of operation.  However, to continue this practice, we need YOUR help.  Please understand that our event insurance does not cover personal vehicles so we MUST have them removed from the park during the hours of the Fair's operation.


Even vendor vehicles cannot drive through the park while we are open for the fair.  Our staff have vehicles with "Event Staff" tags and will be happy to assist vendors in any way possible.  In addition, there may be trash trucks making rounds.  These are the only approved vehicles during fair hours.

Please help us by following these guidelines and encourage your friends and family to do the same.  Thank you so much for your understanding and cooperation! 

parking & shuttles

We provide free shuttles, continuously running, for your convenience. Runs begin about 30 minutes before the fair opens to the public and end at 10:30 p.m. each night.  Park your vehicle in front of Perry County Central.  The shuttle stop is at the foot of the gymnasium steps.  Your shuttle will drop you off at the top of the hill in the park and whenever you are ready to leave, you can catch another shuttle back down to the gym at your convenience.

If you have a handicapped parking tag, please enter through the Senior Citizens Center end of the park and you will be directed where to park.  If you need further assistance, our staff will do everything possible to help you.

Again, we welcome you to the Perry County Fair and ask you to help us keep being able to host it for years to come by making use of our large parking area and free shuttle service!

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