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Keith anderson

Keith Anderson is an American country music artist. Before signing a record deal, Anderson was one of the co-writers on "Beer Run," a duet by Garth Brooks and George Jones, released in late 2001.  His debut single "Pickin' Wildflowers" was released in 2004, as the lead-off track from his debut album "Three Chord Country and American Rock & Roll." The album produced a total of four hit singles on the Billboard Hot Country Songs charts and was certified gold by the RIAA.  In addition to his own material, Anderson co-wrote Big & Rich's single "Lost in This Moment," a number one hit on the country music charts in 2007. Anderson's second album was released  in 2008. "I Still Miss You" became his first Top 5 country hit. His latest album, a six-song EP titled "I'll Bring the Music," was released in 2015.



Chad Warrix is probably best known for his work with the ACM-nominated duo Halfway to Hazard. Born in Hazard Kentucky, he was exposed to lots of different genres of music coming from a musical family, including Bluegrass, classic country, singer-songwriters and rock-n-roll. Chad graduated from Belmont University with a business/music business degree and signed his first recoding contract soon after with his rock band, Sodium. Halfway to Hazard, comprised of Warrix and David Tolliver, also an Eastern Kentucky native, secured a recording deal with Universal Records and Style Sonic Records with Byron Gallimore and Tim McGraw coproducing the act's debut album. The self titled album made quite a splash debuting at number #14 on the Billboard Country chart. The first single “Daisy” was a top 40 hit.  Warrix’s song, “Die By My Own Hand” was also recorded by McGraw on his Emotional Traffic album. Country till the Day We Die, a showcase of the duo’s rock and country influence was featured in the EA Sports video game, NASCAR 2008.

Warrix has played countless venues of every size since the late 1990’s as both an artist and a side musician. Notable stints as the lead guitarist for Randy Houser and Keith Anderson in the mid 2000s. Recently Chad has been continuing his work as a music producer with up-and-coming talent. His cowrite of “Good Time Girl”  with Tik Tok sensation and country artist, Taylor Austin Dye, has been making its marks on various digital streaming platforms.  When not being creative with music-related endeavors, he enjoys spending time with his family, riding dirt bikes and operating his tractor. Chad continues to write, produce and tour with and for various artists.



Taylor Austin Dye is an up and coming country singer and songwriter based in Nashville, originally from Eastern Kentucky. Her original music puts a new spin to country and brings the old school southern rock vibe to her rowdy country roots.

And closing us out, as always...

Originally formed in 2002, Midlife Crisis is one of Kentucky's premier classic rock bands.  With influences like Whitesnake, Van Halen, Bon Jovi, Night Ranger, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Journey, Foreigner, Boston, AC/DC (oh, you get the picture!), they're one heck of a rock-and-roll band.  And, of course, they're all local boys, too! 8:30 p.m. on Saturday night--BE THERE!

Gamerz Truck

This mobile gaming theater has a luxurious limo-style interior with comfy stadium-style seating. Regardless of the weather outside, the temperature inside will provide be perfect because it's fully air conditioned...just the break you need on those hot June days.  Laser lights change colors throughout the gaming experience.  With four 55-inch screen and one 60-inch screen inside the truck as well as two screens outside so players can enjoy dancing/sports games like "Just Dance 4" and "Wii Sports Resort," there's something for everyone! And they have the best game consoles and plenty of wireless controllers for PlayStation 4, Xbox 360, Xbox One, Nintendo Wii and Wii U.

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Tired?  Wanna get off your feet for a few minutes?  Hop on board our trackless train.  This two-car beauty will haul you from one end of the park to the other.  Save yourself a few steps and catch a ride! Loading sites will be marked but the train will basically run from the pool area to the skateboard park area.

Battle of Leatherwood Camp

Well, they won't actually be reenacting the Battle of Leatherwood during the Fair but what these dedicated actors will do is give visitors a sense of what it might have been like during the black days of the Civil War.  They'll have a small camp set up to provide an example of a soldiers' day-to-day camp life, including how they dressed and their daily tasks.

Aussie Kingdom Multiple Pouches.jpg


The Perry County Fair Board of Directors is dedicated to providing entertainment that many people from our neck of the woods might never be able to see otherwise.  We look for exciting, fun acts offered by companies of good character.  This year, our search led us to Aussie Kingdom.  This educational exhibit and animal demonstration brings a touch of "down under" to Perry County. You'll see kangaroos, wallabies, walleroos as well as other native Australian wildlife that you never dreamed you would be able to see or touch! They will present interesting facts about the different species of kangaroos and wallabies, along with native Australian birds such as the kookaburra and rainbow lorikeet. Aussie Kingdom owner Carolyn Lantz passionately believes in creating opportunities for people to connect with these animals on a personal level. “We’re more likely to preserve and protect what we know” she says, speaking of her work with the creatures of Aussie Kingdom. She’s gained this perspective after more than 26 years of animal handling and stage management as president of Noah’s Ark, a traveling petting zoo of farm animals; and Turtleville, a live production featuring turtles and tortoises.  “I’ve worked with kids and adults who’ve never interacted with animals and treat them like toys at first,” Lantz says. “By modeling gentleness and respect, our guests learn to appreciate each animal’s special qualities."

All the animals are on display throughout the day so everyone to enjoy their wonderful antics at play.  Make sure you make time to see them while you attend the Perry County Fair! 






XPogo is the best extreme pogo performance team in the WORLD! Jumping over 9 feet in the air on next-generation pogo sticks while throwing down flips and incredible tricks, The XPogo Stunt Team athletes will keep you engaged until the final bounce. They've  headlined in 17 countries, appeared in numerous TV Shows, music videos, commercials and movies.  Collectively, they hold 13 different Guinness World Records.  You'll be amazed at what they can do!

WEATHER PERMITTING! It’s one of the most recognized corporate symbols on the planet...and understandably so. At seven stories tall, the RE/MAX Hot Air Balloon grabs attention wherever it flies!  First introduced at the Albuquerque Balloon Fiesta in 1978, the balloon perfectly represented the RE/MAX network’s “Above the Crowd” commitment to quality. Today, the 120 RE/MAX Hot Air Balloons in operation comprise the largest fleet on the planet. 


Free tethered rides will give you a great view of the Perry County Fair! This MAY take place on Saturday evening, beginning at 6:00 p.m., WEATHER PERMITTING, until the pilot runs out of fuel, in the field below the softball field (near the Tourism building on the hill across from the pool).

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Perry County Fair Yard Games

We wanted to add something new to our Fair this year and make it reminiscent of years gone by so we decided that we would add some activities that are just good, clean fun for everyone.  So we'll have ladder bolo ball, Connect 4 and tic-tac-toe games and other such stuff that you can play at your leisure. You can check out the equipment to play at the information booth. Oh...and we're going to have a cornhole tournament at 6:00 p.m. each evening with cash prizes awarded.  You'll be able to sign up for the tournament at the information booth as well.

Cowtown USA

Yard Bolo.jpg


Cowtown 1.jpg

This museum exhibit contains an old-time creamery where patrons participate in preparing a cow for milking, milking by hand or machine and pasteurizing for a finished product. Through their demonstrations they show that agriculture has no barriers. Kids get hands-on experiences with the process of making butter and ice cream using historic tools and machines in these processes, and they learn the concept of “Home Made” just the way grandma used to do it! There are also animals to pet and pony rides are available for a $5 fee (one of the few activities at the Fair for which there is a charge). But you can still watch the show and pet the animals without paying a penny! 

Continue to scroll down to the "Join The Fun!" section directly below for information about other fun things to do at the Perry County Fair this year!


We are blessed with gifted artists in Perry County!  They paint and draw, they sculpt and carve and they make everything from jewelry to clothing.  If you can conceive it, they can probably make it. Come out and support them and add a little something new to your home, office or yard.


Cool down, take a load off, enjoy a treat and fill your belly with delicious food...all while supporting very worthy local groups. You can find everything from a good hot dog to a down-home country dinner. When it gets hot, an ice-cold fresh-squeezed lemonade is a must. And for dessert--you'll find treats that include ice cream and, of course, funnel cake!





Have you checked out the trail work in the Perry County Park yet?  If not, you should definitely join Pathfinders on their annual Fair hike! It will take place at 6:00 p.m. on Friday evening, June 17.  Wear comfortable walking shoes and dress appropriately.  It's not too difficult--but it ain't just a "walk in the park," either!

Pathfinders Hike.jpg

Cruize In

Every year since its inception, the Fair has hosted a "Cruize In," inviting anyone in the area to bring in their classic cars and trucks to display to the public.  Thursday, June 16, from 5:00-7:00 p.m., come and check out some of the sharpest rides in this area.  No prizes...just bragging rights.

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